Sept 2019

Sept 3, 2019

MS Principal Ottaway interviews a new student, Sophie.

Sept 4, 2019

Lunch time HS dance party with a Superintendent DJ.

Sept 5, 2019

The Boy Scouts and Luke Wonderly gave their time to build and assemble our new chalkboard, raised flowerbeds, and benches.

Sept 6, 2019

Mrs. Sams and our senior peer mentors from 9th grade Re-Do day.

Sept 9, 2019

6th grade cheer and football under the lights

Sept 10, 2019

Sixth grade students solving critical thinking puzzles using Tangram Manipulatives.

Sept 11, 2019

CMMS and CMHS students on Patriot Day

Sept 12, 2019

5th grade students using the Grid Method

Sept 13, 2019

6th Grade Re-Do Day

Sept 16, 2019

Preschool Bus Safety

Sept 17, 2019

Mrs. Butler reads to her 1st grade class

Sept 18, 2019

Christina Tidwell opens the revamped "Falcon Pantry"

Sept 19, 2019

Staff from CMLSD attended PBIS training. This district team will be responsible for sharing the model with their buildings and staff.


Sept 20, 2019

Student body is ready for homecoming!

Sept 23, 2019

The new Augmented Reality Sandbox in the MS makerspace!

Sept 24, 2019

8th grade doing a S.O.L.E. training in science class

Sept 25, 2019

Coach Rolf & the Quadratic Equation Song!

Sept 26, 2019

Miss Ritter's kindergartens are exploring building and design using STEAM toys.

Sept 27, 2019

Initial viewing/review of 8th grade video projects of their life-hack projects.

Sept 30, 2019

Making applesauce in preschool!! Fall Fun!!